Highest orchid numbers for 25 years

A recent butterfly-orchid survey in Wales has revealed double the number of rare plants compared to last year and the highest number for 25 … [Read more...]

Barn Owl death survey

This winter’s snow and ice is having a devastating effect on local Barn Owl populations in Northumberland, especially in the uplands which have seen … [Read more...]

Bumble Bee Survey

The Bumble Bee Conservation Trust are looking for people to support them and need your help to map the distributions of our bumblebees. In … [Read more...]

Bat Count

  The Bat Conservation Trust are looking for volunteers to help them count bats. They need to be able to have an idea of how many bats there … [Read more...]

Water vole survey helpers

London Wildlife Trust's Water Vole Project aims to establish the current distribution and status of water voles in the capital, recommend suitable … [Read more...]

Dragonflies & Damselflies

You can help waterway ecologists. Let Waterscape know what species you've spotted on Britain's rivers, lakes and canals by taking part in British … [Read more...]


  The Scarlet malachite beetle Malachius aeneus, a beautiful red and green insect found on just eight sites in the UK, emerges from its winter … [Read more...]