Crushing bracken using horse power

Conservation experts will be using horsepower to help control the growth of bracken around historical sites in the Yorkshire Dales National … [Read more...]

Have your say on England’s publicly owned forests

People in Cumbria who live close to, work with, or enjoy the region’s woods and forests are being given the chance to have their say about the role … [Read more...]

Extra Money for New Woodlands in Exmoor

The creation of new native woodland in and around Exmoor National Park has received a further boost with the news that the Forestry Commission has … [Read more...]

Grow more trees in the National Park

Landowners are being offered cash to plant more trees in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The scheme aims to increase the area of the National … [Read more...]

Hawthorn Heralds Summer

May sees The Hawthorn (Crataegus mongyna), or Mayflower is bursting into bloom in our British hedgerows. The blooming of the Hawthorn has … [Read more...]

A Rare White Violet

From late February to May in shade at the edges of woodland or in hedgerows we can find clumps of sweet violet (viola odorata). … [Read more...]

Spring Arrives in Cumbria

The end of February has seen a very mild week with temperatures jumping from 4 to 10 degrees Celcius. Light breezes and spring sunshine have made … [Read more...]

Winter fir – desktop wallpaper

 Following a few days of frost and the first snow of winter we have been out with the digital camera and have some great desktop images for your … [Read more...]

Autumn leaves – desktop wallpaper

The cooler weather and shortening days trigger a rainbow of colours to develop on the trees.   Warm autumn colours are a contrast to the cold air … [Read more...]

A dusting of ice on a autumn leaf – desktop wallpaper

Autumn in the UK brings with it coloured leaves and often some ice and snow.   This season the frosty conditions mixed with damp air and covered … [Read more...]