Pen and ink drawings of Frank Armstrong on show

Frank Armstrong pen and ink drawing. Pic Dales Countryside Museum

Frank Armstrong pen and ink drawing. Pic Dales Countryside Museum

A new exhibition at the Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes features the work of roaming artist Frank Armstrong.

Mr Armstrong, who died in 1967 at the age of 67, spent days out in North Yorkshire in a caravan with members of his family, painting the landscapes he saw on his travels.

Examples of his work will be on show to visitors at the Museum, until April 29.

Museum Manager Fiona Rosher said: “Some of his finest work was executed in pen and ink and the large drawings in this exhibition were produced on the spot in front of the subject.

“They show how much can be conveyed with just a line. Sunlight dances around trees, water splashes over rocks and smoke rises over old weathered chimney stacks.

“The complex detail of minster towers is captured, as is the feeling of space and weather on distant hillsides.

“While enjoying Frank’s original work, it is worth considering how little many of the views have changed in the 60 years since they were drawn.

“We still have the great empty spaces punctuated by intimate villages, the fine churches, old bridges and flowing rivers and waterfalls which he recorded with such pleasure.

“As his son says, Frank Armstrong’s Yorkshire is still a great place to be.”

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