Christmas is an ideal time for bird boxes

If you are stuck for the last minute Christmas gift for the person who has everything, then help is at hand with a birdbox.

The RSPB advises that early winter is the best possible time to provide accommodation for our winged wildlife.

Bird and bat boxes provide essential safe harbour that can help vulnerable creatures make it through winter, so they are around next spring to raise their young, quite possibly in the boxes we have provided!

Adding a bird box to your garden our yard is best done at this time of year

Adding a bird box to your garden our yard is best done at this time of year

According to the RSPB’s Stephanie Sim, a suitable box in a sheltered spot can make the difference between survival and serious harm for birds and bats. “Native wildlife can have serious difficulty coping with extreme cold and snow.

Like us, they’re just not used to it! Loss of habitat has also meant fewer safe places to shelter through the coldest months.”

Protect birds from the cold

For birds, early winter is also the time when many are checking out their future homes for next spring.

But also, species which do their house hunting late in winter prefer a residence that has a slightly less new, more weathered ambience.

If the nest box is in a garden where there is a good supply of tasty seeds in the feeders, shrubs with berries, and flowering plants attracting loads of tasty insects you should attract many birds.

“One size does not fit all when it comes to bird boxes,” said Stephanie Sim.

She added: “The great thing about that is – you can choose boxes to attract the types of birds you want – anything from adorable little bluetits and colourful finches to summer visitors like swifts who like specialised boxes tucked under the eaves for their high-flying lifestyle.”

Location is the watchword. The wrong spot and wildlife will stay away, so always get guidance before getting the hammer out.

Selection Boxes

Many garden centres and online retailers all have a selection of boxes and houses available at this time of year. However, please seek advice to ensure the box you choose is suitable for the birds in your area.

Ensuring food and fresh water are also available will help encourage wildlife into your garden or open space.

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