Lottery money to help protect Bumblebee

Volunteers will be helping to protect the UK’s endangered bumblebee population as part of a three-year conservation project supported by a £340,000 Heritage Lottery Fund grant.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust  (BCT) will begin work with 300 farmers and landowners and up to 20,000 members of the public from across the UK to raise awareness of these important pollinators and help conserve up to 1,200ha of habitat.

According to the BCT the UK’s bumblebee population has been in serious decline over recent years.

Twenty four species of bumblebee remain in the UK, representing about 10% of the world’s bumblebee population and six of these are listed as a UK Biodiversity Action Plan (UK BAP) priority species.

Bumblebees are thought by scientists to be fundamental to our ecosystem and their pollination is vital for food production and wildflower reproduction.

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