Icon Films seek animal mysteries

The team behind The Natural World, River Monsters with Jeremy Wade and films for The One Show want to solve the weird wildlife stories in your back yard for a major new television series.

Icon Films are on the lookout for animal mysteries

Icon Films are on the lookout for animal mysteries

They are looking for people with untoward happenings in their garden or local area that they can’t explain; pets that disappear with no trace, golf courses dug up and ruined, water containers used as swimming-pools by foxes.

Icon Films are looking for as many animal mysteries as possible, the stranger or more unlikely the better.

So far they are aware of

  • – a golf course where the greens are regularly churned up.  The thought is, it might be wild boar, but there are no wild boar known to be in the area – in which case, what’s doing it?
  • – a story of small domestic animals disappearing in Chicago.  Looks like it could be the work of coyotes who are happily living in the city centre, or is it the work of another animal?
  • – a chap with a boat that he keeps covered up to stop animals and dirt getting in.  Only something is getting in, and stealing the stuffing out of his cushions.  Who is the critter and how does it do it?

Filming will take place in the USA and UK in the summer of 2011.

Armed with state of the art camera traps and imaging equipment they hope to stake out the scene and work out exactly what is going on.

Get in touch
If you have a mystery then get in touch with cameratrap@iconfilms.co.uk and say that you saw an article on Naturearoundme.com

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