Fields of poppies, marigolds and chamomile

With just over 200,000 trees planted in the last 18 months, you’d be forgiven for expecting a sea of saplings at the Woodland Trust’s Heartwood Forest near  St. Albans, Hertfordshire – instead there’s currently a sea of wildflowers!

Poppies. Heartwood Forest. WTPL-Louise Neicho

Poppies. Heartwood Forest. WTPL-Louise Neicho

Louise Neicho site manager: “We’re in the process of planting over half a million trees on site, but we’re not neglecting the flowers. Many thousands of seeds were sown last autumn over an area of 10 hectares. The results are stunning!”

The seeds sown were corncockle, cornflower, marigold, poppy, chamomile, scentless mayweed and ox-eye daisy.

The 850 acre site will become the largest new native woodland in the country, with every tree being planted by a volunteer.

The site, in the heart of London’s Green Belt, already boasts four remnants (covering 45 acres) of precious ancient woodland, and is home to species such as rare butterflies and English bluebells, yet is just 25 miles from Marble Arch, London.

The charity is currently appealing for people to plant trees as part of its Jubilee Woods project to plant six million trees to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

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