Bluebell season ‘early’ in Scotland

Four of the Scotland’s biggest environmental charities have joined together to predict that this year’s earlier than usual bluebell season will peak in Scotland during the first two weeks in May.

The Woodland Trust Scotland, National Trust for Scotland, RSPB Scotland and Scottish Wildlife Trust have, together, created what is believed to be the world’s largest searchable database of bluebell woods at

Bluebells are appearing early in Scotland this year

Bluebells are appearing early in Scotland this year

To find your nearest bluebell wood, simply type your postcode into the search box and click the bluebell symbol to generate a map and directions.

Professor Tim Sparks of the University of Cambridge said: “Bluebell carpets are already spreading thick and fast south of the border but we are seeing them gradually spread east and northwards too. With the Met Office predicting continued warm, dry weather for the start of May, the next two weeks should be spectacular for viewing bluebells across Scotland.”

The iconic blue-purple flowers traditionally begin blooming in the warmer south and the shimmering carpets spread further north as the season progresses.

Around half of all bluebells in the world are found in the UK and our native species is protected.

It is also strongly associated with ancient woodland, meaning that if you are looking at carpets of bluebells in a wood, it’s likely that wood is also ancient.

Spanish bluebells also flower at this time of year but it’s easy to tell the difference between them and our native species – the Spanish bluebell is more upright with flowers on both sides of the stem, the British bluebell leans over, weighed down by its flowers which are all on one side.

Top 20 Bluebell sites around Scotland:

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