Review: Britain’s Mammals – a concise guide

Britain’s Mammals:  A concise guide,  is the ideal book for any bookshelf and is an easy reference book for anyone interested, even if just a little, in nature and British wildlife.

Britain's Mammals - a concise guide

Britain's Mammals - a concise guide

Published by Whittet Books, with text by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species, readers of all ages will get something from this manual of 64 British mammals.

Every animal description features the latin and common name as well as diet, habitat, predators, population and mammal distribution.

Full colour pictures accompany every animal description.

We especially liked the small quirky facts about some of the mammals. The sort of thing you could use for a pub quiz or to amaze colleagues with over a cup of coffee.

This is not a definitive list of British mammals, but is ideal to help with school projects, wildlife surveys or as an accompaniment to the walk in the woods with children or young adults.

A double page fold out guide to tracks is placed inside the back cover.  This could be used on a nature walk to encourage children to seek out and identify animals such as rabbit, fox or badger.

Although not suitable for a young reader, the text could be read as a night time book by an adult wishing to educate a child about British wildlife.

The glossary of animal terminology, on page 82-3,  could also help answer that awkward homework assignment question.

We think everyone should get something from this book so would recommend it as an ideal Christmas stocking filler or a birthday gift for someone with an interest in nature.

Britain’s Mammals: A concise guide measures about 15cm wide and 21cm high and is published by Whittet Books priced £9.99

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