Female Hazel Flower

We are all familiar with the male catkins of the Hazel but be on the lookout for the less obvious bright pink female flower.

Female Common Hazel Flower

Female Common Hazel Flower

Catkins are the long pendant like clusters of yellow/green flowers which hang like earrings from the bare branches of the Common Hazel (Coylus Avellana).

The female flowers of the Hazel are much harder to see, being enclosed in a tiny brown bud with only their bright megenta styles protruding, making them look more like sea urchins than flowers.

In early spring, clouds of yellow pollen can be seen floating from the catkins.

This short video from the BBC Natural History Unit captures the moment that pollen is released from the male catkins onto the female flowers.

ARKive video - Male hazel catkins releasing pollen onto female flowers

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