Archives for March 2011

Money trees

Money really does grow on trees in Cumbria - just ask any visitor to the woods surrounding Aira Force in the Lake District. The money tree, or … [Read more...]

WOMAD at Bristol Zoo

An evening of music from around the world will be staged at Bristol Zoo Gardens this summer as it teams up with the WOMAD festival for a unique … [Read more...]

Beetle Dress returns home to Kent

Over £50,000 has been raised to help restore a dress decorated with real beetle wings. Following a fundraising campaign, 1,300 hours of … [Read more...]

Lamb born with two distinct fleeces

An extremely rare and unique lamb with two distinct fleeces has been born in Cheshire. The two fleeces come from its grandmothers Swaledale … [Read more...]

Review: Britain’s Mammals – a concise guide

Britain's Mammals:  A concise guide,  is the ideal book for any bookshelf and is an easy reference book for anyone interested, even if just a little, … [Read more...]

Farndale daffodil bus returns

Spring has finally arrived and the Farndale daffodil bus is returning to the North York Moors National Park. Farndale’s wild daffodils look set … [Read more...]

Goose watch in Dumfries

Tens of thousands of geese are expected to pass through the Dumfries area during March and Early April on their way to the breeding … [Read more...]

Female Hazel Flower

We are all familiar with the male catkins of the Hazel but be on the lookout for the less obvious bright pink female flower. Catkins are the … [Read more...]