The Frozen Lighthouse

Britain is not the only country under the icy grip of winter, this lighthouse on lake Erie is now a stunning ice sculpture.

Blasts of Arctic air are bringing freezing temperatures and snow to the Eastern shores of the US and the whole of the UK.

Places which hardly see a flake of snow are now experiencing the icy grip of the northern hemisphere.  Temperatures are even cold enough to freeze the salty sea spray.

Whilst roads and transport grind to a halt, our grit becomes useless and people just sit wondering what to do. All around us, mother nature is proving that these harsh conditions can also be  stunningly beautiful and remind us just how fragile and sometimes insignificant, human life on this planet can be.

Man made structures like this lighthouse on Lake Erie in Ohio have become amazing ice sculptures.

How has winter transformed your area? Send your images or video to us using the comments section at the end of this post.

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