Sean Bean supports British woodland.

Screen legend Sean Bean has lent his support and his distinctive voice to a new national tree planting campaign from the Woodland Trust.

Sean Bean in recording studio

Sean Bean in the recording studio

Sean Bean, who is a charismatic actor and Woodland Trust member, has recorded a personal commentary for a new Trust video spearheading the charity’s campaign to double native tree cover in the UK.

Recognised for his starring roles as Sharpe in the Napoleonic Wars drama and Boromir in Lord of the Rings, Sean is currently gracing the cinema screens as Zeus in the film adaptation of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.  Although Sean’s screen presence is well known, his passion for trees is less so.

His Sheffield childhood of woodland adventures left such a mark that he has recently funded tree planting in his home district of Handsworth, a perfect reason for backing the Trust’s ambitious planting vision, much of it on other people’s land.

“I have been personally involved with tree planting back home in Sheffield and can see the benefits it brings,” said Sean.

His narrative describes native woodland as lush, green, full of wildlife and intrigue, the inspiration for artists, poets, and writers throughout history.  It’s precious, a magical place to escape to and re-live childhood memories.

But he asks the key question: “ Who’s planting for our children and why?”

The video presents a scenic snapshot of not only why established woodland matters but also the important role played by the 11 million native trees planted by the Trust over recent years.

Sean’s distinctive Yorkshire accent echoes the Trust’s encouragement to everyone to follow suit and get tree planting; whether moved by a personal commitment to help the environment, create wildlife habitat or to improve their community.

His message to all is the same; that trees and woods are vital to life on our planet, helping nature adapt to climate change.  They absorb carbon, and give out oxygen, improve quality and flow of water and purify the air, prevent soil erosion and give us shelter and shade.

And he ends with a compelling call to everyone to plant trees across the UK, which is now one of the least wooded countries in Europe, with just 12 per cent cover, a quarter of the European average.

“What about the future?” asks Sean. “We want to see a doubling of native woodland, to help people, wildlife and the planet. That’s an ambitious target and needs commitment from both Government and you.”

“We need you, your organisation, school or community to get involved. Together we can help UK woodland flourish.”

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