Donegal Moths

The Donegal Moths website is all about the moths that have been recorded in County Donegal and is also a great resource for all moth enthusiasts.

Alder moth

Alder moth (Donegal Moths)

Moth species
All macro moth species recorded in Donegal are listed alphabetically, and each one has a map. Most also have one or more photos, all of which have been taken in Donegal. This may be of interest, particularly for those species which show geographical variation. While some of the photos and specimens are rather poor, they are included for the record.

Moth sightings
Here, maps show where moths have been found, and in what numbers. There are also descriptions of some of the more interesting moth locations, giving details of habitat and species present.

Donegal Biodiversity Project
The Donegal Biodiversity Project aims to increase our knowledge of the fauna and flora of County Donegal through long term scientific survey and research.

Major developments in the wider context are taking place and MothsIreland has started to collate and map records from all the active moth enthusiasts in the Republic of Ireland.

It has also set up a validation sub-committee which is establishing the criteria needed to have records accepted. Also the Irish Biological Records Centre is now up and running, and will in due course take over the collection and management of records, and may also be able to support the participation of the people on the ground in this process.

More information
Donegal Moths website.

Moths Ireland project – mapping Irelands’ moths.

UK Moths – Guide to Moths of Great Britain and Ireland.

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