Exmoor Hedge Funds

Cash prizes of up to £200 are up for grabs in the 2009/10 Exmoor Hedge Competition.

The competition has a junior class for people up to 25 years of age and a senior class for 25 and older and is run by Exmoor National Park Authority in partnership with the Devon Hedge Group and the Somerset Hedge Group.

Tara Wright from Exmoor National Park Authority said: “We are looking forward to receiving entries from farmers, landowners and contractors on Exmoor who have carried out good quality work on hedges and people are welcome to enter more than one hedge if they wish to.

“Exmoor’s hedges are particularly characteristic and are very valuable for wildlife, supporting a diverse range of plants, insects, birds and small mammals. We are grateful to the Exmoor Trust for generously donating the prize money for this competition.”

Entries must reach Exmoor National Park Authority by 31 March 2010; for more information and an entry form telephone Tara Wright on 01398 322282 or visit www.exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk

The hedge must be within the National Park boundary and have been laid during the winter of 2008/09 or 2009/10.

The judges will be looking for a combination of stock-proofness, regrowth, traditional style, wildlife value and overall appearance.

Traditionally, Exmoor’s hedges have been managed by regular laying to conserve them as stock-proof features.

Laying is where hedges are allowed to grow up, commonly for around 8-15 years, and then each stem (or steeper) is partially cut through and literally laid down flat.

Laid steepers are woven under previously laid stems or secured with a wooden crook.

This work is very skilled and provides employment for numerous people during the winter months on Exmoor.

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