Podcast: Importance of bees

Bees are found all around the world except in areas of extreme cold such as the Poles.

The bee is worth around £200 million to the UK economy.

The bee is worth around £200 million to the UK economy.

Bees are important to the natural ecosystem as they are responsible for polinating flowering plants.

Recent changes in farming and the loss of many flower filled gardens are having a dramatic effect on bee numbers.

It is thought that almost one third of the human food chain is directly linked to the work that the bee does.

In the UK alone, bees contribute £200m a year to the economy through pollination.

The British Bee Keepers Association has over 15,000 members.

Nearly 20% of the UK’s Honey Bees died last winter.   Some research even points to the radiation given off by mobile telephone base stations being responsible for declining numbers.

To help reverse the worrying decline in the UK bee population, The Co-operative has launched Plan Bee, a 10 point plan that includes action on pesticides, actions on farms, funding research and inspiring individuals to make a difference.


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