The Great Nut Hunt

The third Great Nut Hunt, recording Dormice in the British Isles, is to be launched by The People’s Trust for Endangered Species and Natural England.

Hazelnuts ripening in the autumn sunshine

Hazelnuts ripening in the autumn sunshine

Hazel nuts are a favourite food of the dormouse and can be found growing in our old hedgerows and woodland.

As a Dormouse gnaws through into the green hazel nuts, they leave behind very distinctive toothmarks.  These discarded shells are often found on the floor beneath the trees and give a good indication of Dormouse activity in the region.

The first two nut hunts took place in 1993 and 2001, with thousands of people sending in hazel nuts from over 2,000 sites, helping to identify almost 500 woodland habitats of the Dormouse in England and Wales.

Autumn is the time to find thee discarded Hazel nut shells and they would like you to take to the woods again and help find more nibbled nuts this autumn and winter.

It takes only a couple minutes to register and you can download a survey pack and get nut hunting today.

Further interest;

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