Podcast: Grey Squirrel spotted.

The grey squirrel is spreading through the UK and wiping out the native red squirrel.

Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel

We spotted this grey squirrel in a park in Carlisle, Cumbria last week.

Grey squirrels are an alien species and were introduced to the UK from the USA in the late nineteenth/early twentieth century.

They are distinguished from red squirrels by their grey fur, smaller ear tufts and their larger, more robust build. Grey squirrels sit with their large bushy tail arched over the back.

In Britain, it has few natural predators. It has successfully adapted to British lowland conditions. It is omnivorous, breeds strongly and is an aggressive settler equally at home in urban parks and the countryside.

Red squirrels are extremely susceptible to Squirrelpox virus, which is lethal.


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