National Parks week starts Monday 27 July 2009

There’s good news anyone feeling the effects of the credit crunch this year – there’s probably a National Park within their reach with plenty of activities on offer for the summer holidays.

National Parks’ Week, which runs from Monday 27 July to Sunday 2 August, offers an extensive programme of events in National Parks all over the country.

The fun doesn’t stop there as most National Park Authorities have activities on offer throughout the year as well.

National Parks’ Week is a celebration of Britain’s most spectacular countryside, its diversity and beauty and the range of opportunities that it offers for recreation and enjoyment for everyone.

More details of National Parks’ Week events and activities can be found by visiting:

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall

For a glimpse of the past people can watch the Romans in action, as the Legio VIII Augusta MGV Romans set-up camp at Cawthorn in the North York Moors.

Or join the volunteer rangers in Northumberland National Park, who still patrol along the Roman ramifications of Hadrian’s Wall.

Instead of looking out for enemies, people can help check that footpaths and signposts are all in order, and hear stories about the Romans along the way.

Farmers look after a lot of the land in National Parks and their grazing animals help keep moorlands healthy and the hedges and stone walls are home to lots of wildlife.

For a close-up view of farming, on Monday 27 July in the Lake District National Park there’s a chance to enjoy a walk to a working farm to meet farm animals and leave more about modern agricultural life.

Walking in the Breamish Valley, Northumberland National Park. Image NNPA

Walking in the Breamish Valley, Northumberland National Park. Image NNPA

To mark this special diamond anniversary year, a new website has been created: with information about the UK’s National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, National Tails and National Nature Reserves and other protected areas.

Also available on the site to download free, are more than 40 spectacular walks all over the country with easy to follow descriptions including maps, details of public transport available, parking and refreshments nearby.

There is a range of walks available; some easy ones suitable for a family and some more challenging for those who want to stretch their legs.

National Parks are the most beautiful and dramatic expanses of country in the United Kingdom.

There are 14 all in all:

National Parks are also a nationally important recreational resource attracting approximately 120 million visitors a year.

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