Kirkby Stephen Parrots

No it is not a stuffed parrot!

No it is not a stuffed parrot

If anyone had said that parrots, or are they macaws, could be seen flying over a north of England town they most people would have said they were ‘off their tree!’

To the townsfolk of Kirkby Stephen in the Upper Eden valley having these brightly coloured birds sitting in the dark English tree canopy is now a common occurance.

Visitors to the village however often think the have spotted an escaped pet and report sightings to the local tourist information centre.

The macaws belong to a man called John Strutt who set up a charity called the John Strutt Conservation Foundation in 1994.

In a recent interview, in 2007, for the BBC he said he that the birds are very intelligent and need to be kept happy and not get bored.

The Foundation operate a wetland area at Hartley, near Kirkby Stephen. Occasional guided tours are available and are advertised in the local newspapers.

Sad news

According to The Times Online newspaper , 9 March 2010, John H Strutt died peacefully on 2 March 2010, aged 74.

A tribute to him is made here. According to this article he is buried at Mallerstang Church.

Other links

Article in Northern Echo

The Hay Bridge nature reserve in the Rusland Valley of South Lakeland is also owned by the John Strutt Conservation Foundation.

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