Conqueror Feeder



Conqueror feeder from CJ Wildlife

We bought our medium sized High-capacity Conquerortm Feeder from CJ Wildlife last year.

Made from die-cast powder-coated zinc and strong polycarbonate tubing, Conquerortm seed feeders offer long life and excellent resistance to squirrel damage. It also comes in a smaller and huge 1.2m tall large size.

The benefits were noticed immediately. We did not need to fill the feeder as often and greater numbers of birds could feed at one time.

A special large tray (saucer) can be attached to stop the seeds falling onto your garden and germinating, this we feel is a necessary device. This year however, we have had a problem with the larger birds (Pigeons and Doves) being able to perch on the saucer and literellay steal all of the seed for themselves, the smaller birds have not had a look in.

Some of the smaller feeders have a large guage mesh guard which stops the big birds reaching the seed, but we have not been able to find one big enough.  In the immortal words of Baldric “I have a cunning plan”. I intend to make one out of large guage plastic coated fencing and see if this solves the problem but I have yet to determine how I am going to fix this firmly in place.

Will let you know how I get on.


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