Archives for September 2008

Build a Bird Box

A great project for the winter is to build a bird box.  They are very simple and inexpensive to make providing homes for our feathered garden freinds. … [Read more...]

Bat Count

  The Bat Conservation Trust are looking for volunteers to help them count bats. They need to be able to have an idea of how many bats there … [Read more...]

Water vole survey helpers

London Wildlife Trust's Water Vole Project aims to establish the current distribution and status of water voles in the capital, recommend suitable … [Read more...]

Dragonflies & Damselflies

You can help waterway ecologists. Let Waterscape know what species you've spotted on Britain's rivers, lakes and canals by taking part in British … [Read more...]

Breathing Places

If you're thinking of rolling up your sleeves and signing up to help a Breathing Place, here are a few tales of transformation to get you in the mood. … [Read more...]

Nature Table Campaign

  It's important for children to connect with nature, which is why Country Living Magazine have launched our Bring Back the Nature Table … [Read more...]

Conqueror Feeder

    We bought our medium sized High-capacity Conquerortm Feeder from CJ Wildlife last year. Made from die-cast powder-coated zinc and … [Read more...]

Hedgehog Homes

  Often heard snuffling around the garden on a summer evening, searching out all those juicy slugs. Hedgehogs are an important part of our … [Read more...]

British Garden Birds

British Garden Birds is an informative website listing all of our British garden birds as well as giving details of their habitat, migration, feeding … [Read more...]


  The Scarlet malachite beetle Malachius aeneus, a beautiful red and green insect found on just eight sites in the UK, emerges from its winter … [Read more...]